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on December 11, 2010 in Codul lui Manon, Crochiu, SdB

Dear Shane,

Please help me, I need to understand someone’s behavioral profile.

File number: 90036891

Subject name: sad אוֹנֵן


Follow the Instructions bellow:

1. Select Sentences.
2. Copy and
3. Paste:

“Fucking with your mind!”,
It feels good to be bad!”,
“Don’t want to get old and pathetic.”,
“You blew my mind, now blow me…”

4. Analyze sentences.
5. Diagnose and send me the results.
6. Erase sentences and empty the Recycle Bin
(make it look like an accident, the poor dude is already doomed).
7. Burn this letter.

Thank you.


Dear F.G.,
It’s done.

This fellow has the U.I.T. values as his top three attitudes.
The Utilitarian value shows a passion for getting results and making money.
The Individualistic is a desire for power and control – one who is a natural leader and is driven to succeed.
The Theoretical is a passion for learning and gaining knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

But unfortunately the poor man suffers from mental progeria syndrome… Furthermore, his heart is completely shattered
He was born old and pathetic.

Conclusion: the subject is nearly perfect, as a human being.

Please ask this sad person: Does being screwed up emotionally excuse being a jerk?


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